Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms") apply to you and to ScreenSaverz, Institute for Education, Raka 102, 8274 Raka, Slovenia, registration No: 9235019000, DŠ: SI50763741 (hereinafter "ScreenSaverz"), represented by Director Amedea Derenda Mujezinović, concerning the use of the ScreenSaverz website at screensaverz.school (hereinafter "Website") by the user (hereinafter "You"). The uaw of the Website is also subject to ScreenSaverz Privacy Policies, which are available at screensaverz.school/privacy and are part of these Terms.

By accessing the website and using the website, you accept and undertake to comply with the conditions in this way. Before accessing the site, you must agree to these Terms and Privacy Policies. Furthermore, you confirm that you are of the age of 18 in your country of residence. If you are not of legal age, these Terms must be reviewed and agreed by your legal representative.

Provided that you accept and comply with these Terms, ScreenSaverz will grant you a personal, limited, non-exclusive, revocationable and non-transferable license to use the Website exclusively for your personal and non-profit-based purposes as defined in the present Terms. If you have any further questions about this Terms before using the website, please contact ScreenSaverz. These Terms grant you only permission to use the content of the website and not to purchase content that is accessible on the website.

The Agreement consists of the documents described in the Terms and Privacy Policy. The Agreement is deemed to be concluded when you accept that you are bound by these Terms and Privacy Policies.

ScreenSaverz may issue additional rules regarding certain parts of the website. Your right of access to the Website and its functions is governed by such additional rules and the Current Terms.

Access to the website

Use of the website

ScreenSaverz gives you access to this website in accordance with the terms and conditions. You agree to use the website in a way that does not cause damage to ScreenSaverz, to other users of the website or to third parties. ScreenSaverz reserves the right to suspend or restrict access to the website without notice if you break these Terms or if you abuse the website or access the website unusually frequently. ScreenSaverz has the right to prevent access to the website and reserves the sole right to stop managing the website or to offer the website to the public solely at its sole discretion.


ScreenSaverz reserves the right to temporarily or immediately change or withdraw the present website (or any part of it) with or without advance notice, and you acknowledge that ScreenSaverz will not be liable to you or any third party as a result of any changes or withdrawals of the Website; If such changes require changes in your work environment or other devices, you will take care of these changes at your own expense.

ScreenSaverz reserves the right to make occasional changes and/or adaptations to the Terms, and your continued use of the Website (or any part of it) will be considered as accepting the change after such a change. You are responsible for regularly monitoring changes to the Terms. If you do not agree to any change to the Terms, you must stop using the Website immediately and you may not access and/or use the Website. The latest version of this article is available at screensaverz.school/terms.

General provisions

Permission to use the website

By using the Website, you obtain and ScreenSaverz grants you personal, limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable permission to use this website for your private and non-profit purposes. Your acquired rights are subject to compliance with the Privacy And Current Terms. Any profit-sharing is prohibited. Notwithstanding the above ban, the website can be used in its unchanged form for viewing purposes. You agree not to use the website for any other purpose.

Code of conduct

Your right to use this website is restricted by the granted authorisation. You agree that under no circumstances will you do the following:

  • use, directly or indirectly, cheating programs, security holes, automation programs, software bots, intrusions, modifications or other unauthorized third-party software with the aim of modifying or obstructing the operation of the website;
  • breach the applicable regulations by using the website;
  • use the website for profit, including, but not limited to, advertising or offering or transmitting profit-making advertisements, such as spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or other quick-earnings schemes;
  • use the website for fraud and abuse purposes, including, but not limited to, the use of an impersonation website for another natural or legal person or a different misrepresentation of your connection to any person, legal person or website;
  • disrupt or impede or otherwise adversely affect the normal functioning of the website or otherwise operate in a way that may have a negative impact on the experience of other users when using the website;
  • disrupt, overload, or provide assistance or support for interrupting or overloading computers or servers that provide or support the website;
  • attempt to gain unauthorised access to the website, accounts registered by other users, or to computers, servers or networks connected to the website by any means other than the use of the user interface provided by ScreenSaverz, including, but not limited to, circumventing or modifying, attempting to circumvent or modify or inciting or assisting any person in avoiding or modifying the guards, technology, devices, encryption or software that is part of the website;
  • publish any information, content or other material (or links to data or content) containing pornography, excessive violence or includes signs of abuse, threats, obscenity, defamation, libel or racial, sexual or religiously offensive or otherwise objectionable;
  • behave inappropriately, for example unspoied repeatedly intrusively publishing information;
  • attempt to harass, abuse, harm, incite, incite, encourage harassment or abuse of another person or group, or harass, abuse, harm, incite, encourage or abuse another person or group, including employees, directors, managers and representatives of ScreenSaver customer service;
  • make available through the Website any material or data infringing copyright, trademark law, patents, trade secrets, the right to privacy, the right to publish or any other right of any natural or legal person, including impersonating other persons;
  • Unless you have an explicit legal authorisation, you will not attempt to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or attempt to break into any part of the website, disable or disarm encryption or security measures or data transmitted, handled or stored by ScreenSaverz, or to obtain data using any method that ScreenSaverz expressly does not allow;
  • collect or attempt to collect login information or any other login credentials from other users of the website;
  • mining, scraping or collecting information about other people using or related to the website, which includes, but is not limited to, the use of tags in pixels, cookies, GIFs or similar elements, sometimes called spyware;
  • publish anyone's private data on the website, including information enabling individual identification or personal data (whether in text, image or video form), identification documents or financial data;
  • perform any actions deemed improper by ScreenSaverz, contrary to the spirit and purpose of the website;
  • access the website in a way or use it with technology that causes the website to technically malfunction;
  • make a copy of the website and use it for the sale of ScreenSaverz products;
  • copying, translating, modifying or making the work of any part of the website;
  • reproduce, rent, publish, display, distribute, license, rent, sell, issue, lease, market, transmit or otherwise exploit the website for profit or make the website available to third parties;
  • attempt to obtain the source code of the website or any part of it by reverse engineering, decompilation or otherwise;
  • delete, conceal or alter any warning, notice (including, but not limited to, copyright notices or other proprietary rights) or link on the website;
  • remove or change the trademarks or logos or legal notices of ScreenSaverz from the website.

Reservation of rights

You have obtained a license to use the Website and your rights are governed by these Terms and Privacy Policies. You acknowledge and agree that all copyrights, trademarks and any other intellectual property rights, and any material or content of the Website, will remain the property of ScreenSaverz, forever. You are licensed to use this material only in the manner expressly permitted by ScreenSaverz. You acknowledge and agree that the material and content of the website is available to you exclusively for your personal and non-profit use.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights (including trademarks and copyrights) to the website and material that is on the website or accessible through the website belong to ScreenSaverz. The website and material that is accessible on the website or through the website and the intellectual property rights covering the website and material shall be prohibited from copying, disseminating, publishing, licensing, using, reproducing in any way (except to the extent necessary for the purpose of accessing and using the website). No content on this website may be interpreted implicitly or otherwise as a right or permission to use any intellectual property right.

Compliance with legislation

The website may only be used for legitimate purposes and in a lawful manner. You agree to comply with applicable legislation, regulations and regulations regarding the website and the execution of transactions on or through the website.


You agree to fully compensate ScreenSaverz, defend and protect ScreenSaverz and its leaders, directors, employees, agents and suppliers without delay and upon request against any compensation claims, liability, damages, loss, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal costs arising out of your violation of the Terms or any other liability arising from your use of the Website or the use of any other person, who uses the website with your computer and/or your personal data.

Data collection

For data collection, advertising and the use of cookies, see the ScreenSaverz Privacy Policy, available at screensaverz.school/privacy.

Limitation of liability and warranty

The website provides you with the "as is" of the applicable law, as permitted by applicable law, without any warranty. It is possible that it has flaws, so you use it exclusively at your own risk. ScreenSaverz shall make reasonable efforts to verify the correctness of the information it publishes on the website, but it is not liable and disclaims all liability, liability, damage (whether directly, indirectly or consequential), personal injury or expenditure of any nature suffered by you or a third party as a result of your access to and use of the website, any information on the website, your personal data or material and information transferred through our system or can be attributed directly or indirectly to your access or use of the website. ScreenSaverz does not provide any assurances or statements that the information on the website is suitable for use in any jurisdiction. Except as expressly defined in these Terms, ScreenSaverz denies any express or implied warranties to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. ScreenSaverz is not liable on the basis of a contract, liability for damages (which includes negligence without limitation), pre-contractual or other statements (with the exception of fraudulent and negligent false statements) or otherwise from Terms for the following:

  • any economic loss, including, without limitation, loss of income, profit, contracts, transactions or anticipated savings; or
  • any loss of goodwill or reputation; or
  • any exceptional or direct loss suffered or incurred by the  contracting party as a result of or in connection with any of the terms and conditions.

This section has no effect on your legal rights as a consumer and has no impact on your right to cancel the agreement.


If any part of the Terms proves to be unlawful, null or void, none of the following, or cannot be enforced, this provision shall be deemed to be excluded from the Terms and will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining terms of the Terms. None of our omissions are con interpreted as a waiver of prior or future violations of any provision. Any clause of the Terms shall be considered valid separately from the others and shall be maintained even if, for any reason under any circumstances, any of the terms are invalid or cannot be enforced.

Integrity of the Agreement

These Terms and Any Additional Rules, and any document expressly included in the Terms (which includes the Privacy Rules) contains the entire agreement between you and ScreenSaverz and replaces any previous agreements by the Parties to these Terms regarding the content of these Terms, either electronic, oral or written, or established practices, rules or habits between you and ScreenSaverz in connection with the Service.

Period of validity

The period of validity of the Present Terms and Privacy Policy starts to run on the date on which you start using the Website and ends on the date on which you cease to use the website and/or the agreement is met, or if we terminate the present Terms and Privacy Rules, whatever happens first.

Applicable legal order

This agreement is concluded in Slovene, and translated English. The terms and conditions of privacy are governed by the laws of the Republic of Slovenia and are interpreted in accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia.